EPROX-DC with MAN 175D Variable Speed

EPROX-DC is a fuel-efficient, diesel-electric propulsion system with integrated energy storage. Usage of DC Grid eliminates the need for a constant speed generator set, providing an opportunity to save fuel during part load operation of the propulsion system through variable speed generator set operation. This offers an innovative propulsion system, creating a much more flexible and compact solution with a range of potential applications.

In brief summary, EPROX-DC decouples the load application of the propeller from the diesel engine, reducing peak loads and making the entire propulsion plant more responsive and dynamic. This also means that the engine can be loaded at a constant and high rate. Moreover, when the vessel is powered solely by electricity from storage sources, zero emissions can be achieved.

A few key benefits of the EPROX-DC include:

  • Reduced capital expenditure (CAPEX) through a smaller system footprint (DC vs. AC system)
  • Reduced operational expenditure (OPEX) through reduced fuel oil consumption and engine maintenance
  • Zero emissions through means of energy storage (e.g. battery)
  • Battery storage can also be used for load peak shave, power boost, to reduce engine maintenance, etc.

Important features of the MAN 175D Variable Speed include:

  • Constant voltage 400V/440V/690V across the complete permissible speed range of 1080–1800 rpm.
    Constant voltage requires simple DFE installation to DC grid, allowing for a small system footprint and low installation cost. And low permissible speed up to 1080 rpm provides quiet, fuel-efficient engine operation at low load
  • SFOC savings up to 26g/kWh in comparison to fixed speed genset
  • Fast load response with minimum load steps

Further information can be found in the new EPROX-DC brochure.