New MAN 175D cylinder variants available for delivery from 4th quarter, 2019

Derived from the same design and cylinder ratings of its smaller 12V sister, the MAN 16V175D and MAN 20V175D will soon enter the market.

The 12 cylinder version of the MAN 175D marine high speed engine series, the MAN 12V175D, has been successfully introduced to the market and is already installed into diverse marine applications, where it has proven its performance already with several tens of thousands of operating hours. Now MAN Energy Solutions goes ahead and announces the next new cylinder variants, the MAN 16V175D and the MAN 20V175D.

From the very beginning of its development, the MAN 175D was always designed for these three cylinder variations, and therefore to share an integrated concept of its base components, such as combustion unit, gear drive and common rail fuel system. Both the 16V175D and the 20V175D will be equipped with four turbochargers of the MAN TCR series, which will ensure the same high efficiency as proven with the 12V175D.

The first new entry will be the MAN 16V175D which will reach new power ranges up to 2.960 kW or 4000 hp. The assembly of the first 16V175D is already in full swing and it will be released for serial production in October 2019 with first commercial deliveries available in the 4th quarter of 2019.

Derived from the same ratings of its smaller 12V sister, the MAN 16V175D will be released for diesel-electric ratings from 1920 kW to 2560 kW (Medium Duty MEM and Light Duty MEL) and for diesel-mechanical propulsion from 2000 kW to 2960 kW (Heavy Duty MH and Medium Duty MM). The 20V175D will follow on soon afterwards with first commercial deliveries planned for the 2nd quarter of 2020.

For planning data please contact one of our worldwide MAN Energy Solutions sales offices or send an email to . If you would like to see the MAN 175D engine live in operation, we would be pleased to welcome you to the MAN Energy Solutions test center in Frederikshavn, Denmark.