Pilots for the MAN 175D

The development of the MAN 175D makes progress: Our high speed engine has successfully passed several 1.000 hours endurance tests as well as an extreme condition test. On the testbed in Frederikshavn, Denmark, five engines are permanently in work – and thus, the MAN 175D is ready for the different marine pilot applications.

Among others, one pilot application consists of the exchange of existing genset engines of a subsea support vessel with an MAN 175 diesel-electric light duty engine variant (MAN 12V175D-MEL). Thereby, our high speed engine is delivered with the genset frame, alternator and auxiliary components. For meeting our customer demands the best way we can, spin-off lube oil filter cartridges and an air starter are installed as standard features. Furthermore, in order to be able to guarantee a valid result of the field test, the MAN 175D will operate for 20 hours/day permanently.

All in all, we are looking forward to supporting our customers in the upcoming pilot applications and to proving the performance, efficiency and endurance of the MAN 175D.