RAL tug design with MAN 175D & hybrid propulsion for tugs

Robert Allan Ltd., the world-renowned tug designer, has integrated the MAN 12V175D into two of their popular tug designs. The aim of this effort was to demonstrate to and assure shipyards that the installation of MAN 175D engines pose no significant challenges in terms of technology or additional expenditure. Also, it was important to show that the compact  IMO Tier III exhaust gas after-treatment equipment is completely flexible and easy to integrate into the tight confines of typical tug engine room layouts. The outcome was extremely positive and details of the installations are now available.

Follow the link below to read a full description of the work that was carried out: http://www.tugandosv.com/flipbook/4931980900i-64

MAN Energy Solutions have now also integrated the MAN 175D as part of a hybrid propulsion package specifically designed for tugs. By sourcing the complete package from MAN Energy Solutions, there are significant benefits available to both the shipyard and tug operator alike.

Find out more about our hybrid system here.

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